Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Sure. All major credit cards, including AMEX and Discover.
Q: I’m drunk. Can I leave my car in your lot?
A: Yup.
Q: Can I take my drink outside?
A: Yes. We have an outdoor beer garden with plenty of seating. Kind of a house party cookout vibe. Several trees provide plenty of shade, and we’re up on a hill overlooking the highway so there’s a nice breeze.
Q: I’ve got a long, white beard. Why did you ask for an I.D.?
A: We I.D. everybody. It’s not just about preventing underage drinking - people who are up to no good often don’t like showing photo identification. We enforce this policy in an attempt to keep everyone safe and to discourage creeps. And no, we do not accept ACI discharge identifications - please do not make this your first stop after you’re let out of prison.
Q: Can I throw a birthday party or some other event at the bar?
A: Sure. If it’s just you and bunch of friends, just show up and have fun. If you wanna put up balloons and have a cake, it’s best to ask first, but we’ll probably say “yes.” If you want specific music, that’s more of a "we’ll see"...
Q: I belong to a car club, motorcycle club, scooter club, etc.
Can we have an event at your place?
A: I wish this were a more frequently asked question. Sounds like fun.
We have a big parking lot. Get in touch!
Q: Do you guys serve pitchers?
A: Nope. 16 ounce cans of PBR or Gansett for $4.00 if you’re budget minded.
Q: Do you guys have beer and shot specials?
A: Nope. People who ask this question usually end up with a PBR tallboy and a shot of Old Crow for $10.00
Q: Why don’t you serve Heineken?
A: Ask the Punk Group
Q: Then I’ll have a Corona?
A: Nope.
Q: How about Coors Light?
A: People who go through these last three questions end up ordering a Bud Light 98% of the time. So the correct answer was “Bud Light.” Or you could be adventurous and try something new. There’s a lot of good shit here.
Q: May I have scorpion bowl?
A: Yes. Every day. We used to only offer Scorpion Bowls on Mondays, but now they're available whenever you want ‘em.
Q: Is the game on?
A: Probably, but usually without sound unless it’s the Super Bowl or the World Cup or something like that. We don’t have any pay-per-view, but we’ve got cable and a couple of TVs. If you wanna see something and it’s not on, just ask.
Q: Do you have a pool table?
A: Yup. Costs a dollar in quarters per game. There’s a chalkboard, put your name on it. No fighting. Have fun!
Q: Do you have a pinball game?
A: Sure do. Sega X Files”. It’s fun as shit.
Q: Do you have a jukebox?
A: Fuck no! We have playlists outta iTunes behind the bar, and sometimes we spin vinyl if we feel like it.
Q: Who built your sound system?
A: This guy built our mains and our subwoofer from scratch. They sound great. If you’ve got the loot, he might be willing to build something for you.
Q: Who prints your T-Shirts?
A: This guy. He’s great. He can print merch for your band or whatever. Hit him up! And if you’re ever in the New Haven, CT area, check out his store, Weirdo Wonderland. It’s full of rad monster movie shit, comics, framed prints, toys, buttons, magnets, and assorted weirdness.
Q: I forgot to buy a T-Shirt and now I’m back home, nowhere near Providence. Can I still get one?
A: Add $6 for shipping within the continental US and I can make it happen. Email us and we’ll sort it out.
Q: Can my band play at your bar?
A: Probably not. Although we recently have had our zoning changed and may now apply for entertainment licenses, our primary focus is still more on providing a consistant rock and roll pub atmosphere. If there’s a band playing here, we almost certainly know them personally and have played with them on their turf in the past. There are plenty of full time venues in town for you to hit up for shows: Fete, Dusk, AS220, the Parlour, Alchemy, Askew, the Met, the News Cafe, etc.
Q: Did one of the owners used to play in Green Day?
A: Yes. Terry can be seen in this video playing with them on Mad TV in 2000. You could see him better if Billie Joe were transparent, but there’s some good shots of him in there. Fun. And he has toured with them from time to time. But he usually doesn’t like talking about at work, so please don’t bug him unless he brings it up.
Q: Weren’t you in that band back in the day?
A: The management has played in, or continues to play in, the following bands: the Dooshbags, the Frustrators, Green Day, the High Fashion Queens, Hope Anchor, thee Itchies, Louisiana Hayride, Midnight Creeps, MOTO, the Prostitutes, Sinner’s Club, the Sleazies, Mr. Slick and the Disco Sickness, Smear, Texas Terri Bomb, Thrash Frog, TV Smith, Violent Anal Death, and Waterdog. Maybe a few more that I’m forgetting.
Q: You guys aren’t a real dive bar, you’re a bunch of posers with a dive themed bar. Why are you so lame?
A: We don’t consider ourselves a dive bar. There’s several definitions floating around out there. Terry and I are of the old school, and consider a dive bar to include several of the following features: 1) both kinds of beer on tap, served through draft lines that have never been cleaned, 2) nicotine stained wood paneled walls covered in beer swag from the 70s and 80s, 3) terrible music or no music at all, 4) toothless, alcoholic regulars who look 70 and are probably in their 40s, and 5) an element of danger and high likelihood of witnessing the batshit and the insane. And maybe a little Keno thrown in for good measure. If this is what you’re after, I hear you might want to check out Splinters on Manton Ave.

We think of the Scurvy Dog of more of a neighborhood pub with great beer, whiskey, music, and a rock and roll vibe. DYI, non corporate, lots of regulars who all know each other. Nerds, freaks, musicians, tattooists and body piercers, web designers, artists, cooks and bartenders, bikers, punks, Math professors, auctioneers, LBGT folks, neighborhood folks, and the rare occasional Green Bar era old guy, all hanging out in harmony. If that sounds like your modern definition of “dive bar” and you like that sort of thing, then hooray! We’re a dive bar now I guess.

Q: I heard that your customers are standoffish and cliquey. What’s up with that?
A: Don’t believe everything you read on Yelp. Nobody here gives a shit if you’re still in your work khakis, so long as you can hang. But if you act like a douche bag, our customers will let you know about it...
Q: So where’s the Scurvy Dog again?
A: 1718 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02909 - one story black box across the street from Asa Messer School, next to Routes 6 and 10, across the tracks from Olneyville. Click here for directions. We’re open 5PM until 1AM or 2AM seven days a week.

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